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Endless Tunnel

About Endless Tunnel

Endless Tunnel is an enjoyable arcade game in which you have to rotate a tube to protect a cube from the red obstacle. How far can the cube slide?

If you are too bored with arcade games where you always control an object to avoid obstacles, the Endless Tunnel game is a new kind of arcade game for you. Like other tunnel games, it will take you on adventures in the tunnel. However, the tunnels in this game are infinite. It is different from the levels of tunnels in Crazy Tunnel and Color Tunnel.

In addition, this game will bring you a new play with fun gameplay. You seem to be lost in the 3D world. Getting out of it is not easy. Difficulties and challenges are waiting for you. It sounds interesting! This running game will bring you great things based on the simplest things. You can enjoy the adventure with the cube. Although you have only moved on one tunnel, the tunnel is endless. You can explore it until you get bored. The tunnel is also designed with different obstacles. The arrangement of the obstacle courses is exceptionally diverse. Therefore, getting bored with this game is quite difficult.

Features of Endless Tunnel

  • Avoid the obstacles to go as far as possible
  • All ages can play this tunnel game because of its easy controls
  • Get the highest score in the endless game
  • Fun and exciting game to play in your free time

The game offers an endless tube that can challenge your limit. With straightforward gameplay and simple control, the game can be suitable for all groups, even children. Are you ready for an exciting adventure in a strange tube? How far can your cube slide? Let's make a record, then defeat yourself with a higher score. Don't wait anymore, click on the game to experience the fantastic game. Good luck!

Necessary skills to overcome deadly obstacles

Use your control skill to overcome as many obstacles as possible. Try to run as long as possible. The further you run, the higher score you get. In addition, the game requires concentration, agility, and observation. The red obstacles will appear continuously and are behind together in the tube. Therefore, it's hard to see from a far position.

Moreover, the cube's speed is breakneck, so you need to combine your skills to overcome the problems. In particular, the tunnel with the 3D design will make you confused. You will find it challenging to locate the obstacles. Besides, the movement of the cube is also quite remarkable. As you rotate the tunnel, the cube will slide towards the lower side of the tunnel. As is the usual rule of other tunnel games like Color Tunnel, you will jump from one side of the tunnel to another. This game is not like that. An exciting new thing! In order to steer your cube, press the right or left arrows to rotate the tube from left to right and vice versa.

How to control: Use the right and left arrows to rotate the tube.

The main menu of the Endless Tunnel game

This game will record your best score and your last score. Take a look at these numbers and keep trying in the next rounds. You can also enable or disable game sounds. All options are shown on the main screen. This game does not have many options, but it still attracts millions of players because of its new gameplay and impressive graphics.


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