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Monkey Mart

About Monkey Mart

Welcome to Monkey Mart to become a monkey owner! In this online game, you have an opportunity to sell products and upgrade shelves to expand your mart.

This online game belongs to the idle genre which is the best way to entertain after hard working days. This arcade game doesn't offer thrilling journeys like Color Tunnel. However, its appeal is not inferior to any game. You will see this immediately after starting the game. Now, it's time for you to try the Monkey Mart game.

Basic Gameplay For Monkey Mart

Playing Rules

Control your monkey to unlock essential items like cash registers and sales shelves. After unlocking these 2 items, remember to plant trees like bananas and corn to produce goods. After having the product, it is the right time to serve the customer.

Welcome to the first customers to receive valuable income. You will have to deliver the goods to the shelves and run to the checkout counter to pay the customers. Each client will buy a different amount of product. Therefore, you will also source different income from each buyer.

In addition to selling, you also need to upgrade your character and unlock new shelves. The new products in the Monkey Mart game are endless.

The Link Between Items In Monkey Mart

As you can know, your first items are bananas and corn. Then, you can raise chickens from corn or raise cows. These animals will produce eggs and milk for sale. Moreover, you can also make cakes from eggs and milk. New products are closely linked with previous products. Later, you can also sell coffee thanks to the coffee trees in the garden. It's so exciting.

Special Elements

Running a mart is not easy. You will have to hire a lot of staff to support you during your work. However, this video game does not let you go through the peaceful life of a mart boss like that. Your employees can be lazy and doze off. There are purchasers who mess up and throw your product on the ground. You need to manage these issues.


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