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Geometry Dash 23

About Geometry Dash 23

Geometry Dash 23 is a rhythm based platform game new version of geometry dash game released in 2023 and officially launched on the website platform.

To get the exciting feeling, play the game now. This game is suitable for players of all ages and features easy-to-understand mechanics and stunning 2D visuals. On our website you can get it online for free.

Prepare yourself for great experiences in this game. You will change into many characters throughout your journey, including a cube, a ball, a spaceship or a UFO. To get as far as you can, you have to jump over many thorny obstacles. Careful! Due to the excessive frequency of obstacles. Therefore, quick reaction is very important if you want to win the game. To avoid spikes, order the player to jump as high as possible.

During the journey, several jump rings and jump cushions can be seen. To jump higher, land on them. Try your best to get the most points and get the highest score. Your goal in this game is to get high score as well as collect three mystery coins in each level.

How to play



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