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Crazy Tunnel

About Crazy Tunnel

Crazy Tunnel is an enjoyable game to keep the ball safe on a dangerous road. You have to face thousands of obstacles and traps. Avoid them and complete levels!

Are you ready for an exciting adventure in the galaxy? In this game, you will transform into a ball to participate in adventurous adventures. Move on bridges connecting orbits. These bridges are in the form of tunnels. It is very dangerous because of countless obstacles. They are waiting for you. Sharp spikes, dangerous circles, or moving blocks are waiting for you on the track. However, this game has something special. If you have ever played Color Tunnel, the ball will only run inside the tunnel. In this Crazy Tunnel game, you will have the opportunity to run both inside and outside the tunnel. 

Moreover, you will be impressed by the eye-catching graphics of this game. The background is designed based on galaxies in the universe. The stars twinkled in the night sky. You are moving on bridges toward giant planets. Can you reach that planet? Besides, the movements in this game are also very lively which creates excitement for players. You will also immerse yourself in this game with vibrant sounds.

Features of Crazy Tunnel

  • Colorful graphics and great sound 
  • Many modes to experience amazing adventures 
  • Easy controls to be suitable for all ages
  • Fun and exciting gameplay

How to conquer the Crazy Tunnel game

You will control a ball and overcome many deadly traps on the road. Use the right or left arrows to change sides and avoid the spikes. Press up and down arrows to fly and slide over the circles. The speed of the ball will be faster and faster. Use your agility and skills to help it overcome all problems on the road.  Four skills to move the ball are very important. You must make the correct decisions to keep the ball safe. You can jump or slide at any time. The circles are of different sizes. Therefore, you need to know when to jump and when to slide. It's easier to move left and right. Each time you see an obstacle ahead, move to the side immediately.

In addition, you can move from one side of the tunnel to another. Each such move only takes you one time to press the joystick. Let's make the decision to move and run as far as possible. The farther you run, the higher your score. The further you run, the higher your level.

4 game modes and ball's skins

The game offers 4 modes for you to play, including a tutorial, sun, nebula, and dark moon. Each mode is a different orbit with many interesting features. Besides, if you aren’t clear about the rules and how to play, you can practice in tutorial mode. 

Besides, you also unlock new balls with a high score. The ball can be earth, mars, venus, etc. The game is available in the browser for free. You can play the game in your free time, after a long day. Can you get over all obstacles to unlock new orbits? With colorful graphics and easy gameplay, you can be addicted to the game at the first play. Click on the game to clear all orbits. Good luck!

How to control: Use arrow keys to control the ball.


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