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Crazy Roll 3D

About Crazy Roll 3D

Crazy Roll 3D is a fun moving game, you have to combine your hands and eyes to control the ball on the new 3D platform without falling down

A really addictive infinite runner game quite similar to Slope called Crazy Roll 3D. Command a ball that is sent across a maze-like slide consisting of ramps and ramps. Try to get as many diamonds as you can while avoiding all the hazards and rolling as far as you can.

Maintain your quick response and attention at all times. After you have rolled over the various boosters and ramps, the ball will begin to gently fly out and then increase in speed. Navigate the ball around the obstacles and keep an eye on what's coming on the horizon: the challenge! Although there is no end to the game, you will progress through additional stages if you survive longer. The challenges become more and more difficult as you go through the stages.

You'll find shields, magnets and twice as many diamonds all over the map. Some of them are put in difficult situations. Can you quickly get one using your shield?

Since each summon has its own cooldown, you need to arrange them properly. To provide an example, you might want to keep your shield in reserve for a tougher fight.

You can make as many purchases as you can in the Crazy Roll 3D store using your diamonds. There are a variety of power-ups and new balls available for purchase, each with its own size and movement speed.

The most recent update to the game includes support for two players, expands the number of platform themes available, increases the number of balls a player can receive, and makes the game compatible with other platforms. mobile device. Try our number one game, which is a 3D ball rolling game, if you feel like doing something different as it will provide you with an incredibly fun experience.


  • Collected diamonds can be used to buy power-ups and unlock new ball patterns.
  • New difficulties are introduced, such as swaying platforms and shifting obstacles.
  • Play is both entertaining and fast-paced, accompanied by fun music.


  • To control, use the alphabetic keyboard or the left and right arrow keys.
  • To use the boost function, press any of the keys 1, 2 or 3. Have a good time playing the game!


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