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Slope Run

About Slope Run

Slope Run is a great game to explore and experience thrilling adventures with a ball. Control your ball to overcome platforms safely to complete a level.

This game is a unique combination of two games Slope Game and Stick Run. Slope Game gives you great adventures with the ball while Stick Run allows you to move through the tunnels like an alien. Now, this game will give you a whole new experience. You will control the ball to move in a space tunnel. Interesting gameplay has been out. Are you curious about it? If you are a fan of the above two related games, this running game is a must-tried for you.

2 game modes in this adventure game

There are two game modes: Level and Infinite mode. In the main menu, press the spacebar to advance to Level mode. In this mode, you will control the ball to complete the levels. The farther you run, the higher your level. There are different levels in the Slope Run game. In particular, you will unlock many new branches. Each branch will take you to a separate planet with its own theme. For example, you can unlock the Winter branch at level 16 and the Dark branch at level 28. Each of these branches has a different theme and map. The number of levels in each branch is also very many. You can follow in the minimap. If you don't want to play in Level mode, you can switch to Infinite mode. This mode allows you to race on an endless tunnel. Try to run as far as possible and get the highest score. You have the opportunity to enroll in the leaderboard. This is the destination that many players want. Only admirable points can make this list. Can you do it or not?

How to play the Slope Run game

If you have ever played the Color Tunnel game, you will find it easier to control this game. Both of these games require 3 basic skills to help the ball move forward. You need to jump, move left, and move right. The ball will run automatically.

After starting the game, you need to control the ball to help the ball jump from platform to platform and avoid falling into the deep pit. You will end the game and need to restart if you fall into the space pit. Control the ball carefully and combine both jumping and side-to-side skills to overcome all the challenges of the game. However, when you jump, be careful because of the many dangers in this game.

The platforms in this game are arranged randomly. They will form many different shapes. Besides, the space holes are also many. If you make a small mistake, your ball can also fall into space instantly. In addition, you need to time the jump correctly. If you jump too late or too early, it will be difficult for your ball to reach the platform safely. Moreover, you need to pay special attention to the thin brown background. They will collapse as soon as you touch them. Let's move now! It is best not to use these dangerous platforms.

Features of Slope Run

  • Enjoyable gameplay and easy controls
  • Colorful graphics and cool effects
  • Put your name on the leaderboard
  • 2 game modes with an exciting discovery mode

How to control: Press the up arrow key to jump. Press the right and left arrow keys to move to the two sides.


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