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Color Tunnel

About Color Tunnel

Color Tunnel is a thrilling running arcade game in which your mission is to get the highest score while running in a tunnel full of moving obstacles.

The game offers easy gameplay where your main task is to avoid all red obstacles in the tunnel. The further you run, the higher your level is. Each time you level up, the tunnel will change. The mechanics are simple to control because you only have to use the right and left arrow keys or AD keys to control them. You just need to move left or right to avoid the collision.

Color Tunnel Challenges

Color Tunnel is an extremely fast-paced game that requires you to have skillful reactions and reflexes. You will travel in a tunnel at high speed. You will automatically move. This is challenging for many players. Even your speed will increase over time.

Furthermore, there are various obstacles with different shapes in the tunnel. Triangles, hemispheres, and cylinders are available. They not only appear continuously but also move unpredictably. Run through the rest of the hemispheres! Avoid colliding with the moving cylinders and triangles. The way to move through these obstacles is also different.

Besides that, the level of difficulty increases because the speed of moving obstacles is also different. Some obstacles don't move, someones move slowly, and some others move fast. The change of pace always presents you with challenges. You need to adapt quickly to your surroundings. If you collide with the red obstacles, the game will be over.

3 Best Ways to Overcome Obstacles

It is best to practice many times to get used to the speed and challenges of this game. Run as long as you can to get the highest score. At first, you may find it very difficult to pass this game. The game keeps restarting. However, once you get used to this pace, you'll find it more enjoyable than ever.

Besides, to move through the obstacles, you should choose the intersection between the two shapes to go through. It is the safest place to move.

Moreover, in this game, the tunnel is created from many platforms, and you can run from one platform to another, whether it's the upper or the bottom platform. Here's how to avoid obstacles. Migrate to empty platforms. However, these platforms will move and turn around. You need to move with it to stay safe.

Noticeable Parameters in the Color Tunnel game

When playing, you need to pay attention to 3 parameters: distance, level, and speed. These are the basic indicators that you need to pay attention to. These stats will tell you about your achievements.

The distance is on the top-left screen to express the road you overcame. This parameter is significant because your achievement depends on it. Your main goal is to run as far as possible. So this indicator is the most important. It shows your virtuosity in control. The farther you run, the higher your score.

The level is on the top middle screen. You can see the number of levels you gained. Although the track is endless, a certain road segment is considered a level. The further you run, the higher your level is. You may not like looking at the distance because the number will be large. You can look at the level number. This indicator will be easier to capture and track.

You want to know what speed you are running at; check the final parameters, the speed. Your speed will change, depending on each road. The faster the speed is, the higher the difficulty is. At that time, you need to be highly focused to avoid obstacles. High speed is always a big challenge for many players. Therefore, the indicator of speed is indispensable.

If you miss these parameters because you are too focused on playing, don't worry. After each round, the game will give you the distance and the most admirable achievement. Keep an eye on these metrics for your achievements. Raise them up if you're not doing well enough.

Additional Information about this running game

2 Types of Tunnel

This game will give you two main types of tunnels. In these two tunnels, there are obstacles. However, each tunnel has its own characteristics, especially in terms of shape.

The first tunnel is the one that requires you to move inside it. The place you move is the inside of the tunnel.

The second tunnel is a tunnel that requires you to move on outside of the tunnel.

Obstacles you have to overcome

This game has many different types of obstacles. However, they have 4 main shapes, including triangular blocks, rectangular blocks, square blocks, and curved blocks.

If you are a big fan of running games, you can't ignore this game. You can experience adventures in colorful tunnels which include many eye-catching colors to bring an impressive experience for the first playing time. Moreover, if you play this game many times, you will see the color changes of the tunnel through each playing round. Running games always attract millions of access, which is increasingly popular in the online game world. Color Tunnel is based on the running theme in the first-person view. What are the differences between this game and other running games? Start this game and try it out!


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