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Stick Run

About Stick Run

Play Stick Run as an alien to jump from one platform to another platform to overcome the challenges in the tube. The game requires agility and skills.

Do you love stickman games? If you want to play a game that combines adventure and stickman, Stick run is for you. Have you ever played the Color Tunnel game? If you've ever played, you know about top-speed adventures. So is this new game. It will also take you to extraordinary experiences with races. However, the main character in this game is an alien. He has a strange but lovely body. He has a large round body and short legs and arms. This alien is on his way to discovering new planets. His vehicles are not spaceships. Instead, he uses mysterious tunnels. These tunnels are fraught with danger. Help him overcome the challenges ahead!

How to play the Stick Run game

Your mission is to control the alien character. He can jump and move sideways. Combine these skills to overcome the space gaps. In particular, he can jump long jumps that can cross several platforms in one jump. If you encounter large space holes, jump to other sides of the tunnel to continue. If you fall in the gap, you have to replay that level. Besides, the speed of the character is getting faster and faster. You must make decisions as soon as possible to jump to the right platforms. If you jump too slowly, your character may jump over the platform and fall into the void above. If you jump too early, you may not reach the next platform.

Note that there are thin brown backgrounds. If you touch these platforms, they will collapse immediately. Therefore, you should use brown platforms as little as possible. In the required cases, you can still use them. However, move as fast as you can so as not to fall into space following these platforms.

After each level is completed, you will receive a number of gold coins. You can also get coins by completing Achievements. Use these coins to unlock new characters. New characters will be designed with a new look. Besides, they also have more functions than basic characters. You can also unlock new characters by watching ads after completing the default level. For example, after you complete level 10, you can watch an ad to get a skater character.

How to control: Use arrow keys to control the character.

2 game modes

There are two modes available in this running game: Level and Infinite mode. In Level mode, you will control the character to reach the finish line. Complete the previous level to advance to the next level. Besides, you can unlock many different maps. Complete 65 levels on the City map to switch to new maps. The second mode is Infinite mode. You will run on endless roads. Run as far as you can and get the highest score possible. You can put your name on the leaderboard if you win admirable points. Good luck!

Features of Stick Run

  • 3D graphics and great art animatronics
  • Diverse skins and characters
  • 2 modes, including infinite and level mode
  • Fun and exciting game


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