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Wheely 8

About Wheely 8

Wheely 8 is fun game, some alien cars need help while boy and girlfriend are on a date at the park

There's no room for foxes or any other wild creatures in Wheely 8, the eighth installment of the popular puzzle game series. This is in contrast to previous installments of the Wheely series, which included such encounters with other wild animals. Does it look like a falling star? A spaceship from another world has been sighted! It was a stroke of luck! It went down near the spot where Jolie and Wheely had planned to enjoy their picnic. However, don't be scared. These aliens are quite sociable and they are in need of assistance to repair their spaceship. Wheely has offered them support and he is counting on you to turn the situation around. Helping the aliens and proving to them that Earth is a welcoming place is a great way to prevent a future invasion and will make this picnic a moment you never will forget.

Wheely is dating his girlfriend Jolie. They decided to go on a picnic. They were having a great time when an unidentified flying object suddenly landed in the area behind them. There are aliens in there who have become disoriented and want assistance in locating their home planet. Wheely begins their journey to discover where they can get their world map.

Wheely's fame extends far beyond the galaxy, and the extraterrestrials are in dire need of his help in repairing their vessels. Help Wheely travel through towns, woods, and other environments in an eighth adventure starring your beloved red car as he searches for the right equipment to repair his spaceship. alien tower. Wheely was familiar with the ideal candidate for the position, the owner of a nearby repair business. As the player, it's your responsibility to guide Wheely through each level as he searches for the right ingredients to buy.

In each level, like the previous games in this puzzle adventure series, you will have to go through various challenges and solve puzzles to clear the way for Wheely so he can get help. your help. find your way to the exit. Your main objective is to pass the part of the level indicated by a red flag and complete it without getting stuck or losing a life. You can also try to discover two things hidden in each level, one of which is a wheel and the other is a toy car. Doing so you will get bonus points. The controls aren't as difficult to use as the latest piece of extraterrestrial technology. Just clicking on the different elements of the puzzle and other game mechanics in each level is all it takes to make them work and advance.

How to play

Use mouse to join this game. Click on objects in the scene to interact and make wheely move.


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