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Tunnel Rush

About Tunnel Rush

Are you ready to go through the Tunnel Rush tunnel? A 3D tunnel will flood you and make you feel dizzy with all the unforeseen traps.
Playing the fast-speed Tunnel Rush game requires you to overcome multiple obstacles in a row in an endless tunnel. You must use every effort to push your ship over obstacles to collect as many points as possible. As the game progresses, the speed increases steadily. You have to be careful because the hardship will get harder as you follow.
Your spacecraft needs to be kept moving in the right direction, so every decision has to be made quickly. To get good scores and progress in the game, precise movement, and quick reflexes are essential. Don't skip the collection if you want more energy or other benefits.
To continue and avoid mistakes in Tunnel Rush, you have to become an expert in-game control. See our advice below.
To adjust the flank of the spacecraft, press the left arrow key.

  • The spacecraft can be moved to the right by pressing the right arrow key.
  • By pressing the Up Arrow key, you can lift the spacecraft.
  • The spacecraft can move lower by pressing the Down Arrow key.

To progress further in the game, stay focused and anticipate difficulties. Good luck!


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