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The Smurfs Skate Rush

About The Smurfs Skate Rush

The Smurfs Skate Rush is an endless running game of little blue heroes living in the forest. Collect berries as you dodge logs, rocks and cars.

Experience the thrill of playing The Smurfs Skate Rush! We are very happy to have you visit the Smurf village. Since Gargamel is hard to follow, you need to keep up with the pace and keep up with them as quickly as possible. Are you ready to fall to the ground and escape from Gargamel?

You won't have much time to get used to how things are done in the Smurf's village. Gargamel is your main opponent, and you need to be agile enough to escape him and stay out of danger until the danger is over. You are truly blessed to have skates and the ability to use them to quickly get out of a situation with your skating skills. Now it's time to get on the skates and overcome the long obstacle. But don't bother about it. If you are skilled enough to skate and hit the right arrow keys at the right time, you should be able to avoid these crashes.

Surf between lanes on your skateboard in The Smurfs Skate Rush. Try to avoid hitting any tree trunks or other obstructions. In this three dimensional Smurf game, you have to jump through portals and perform acrobatics and other stunts by jumping on vehicles and tracks. Once you've unlocked it, collect strawberries and then use them to buy new skateboards. You can search for unique symbols to unlock more Smurf characters, such as Papa Smurf's red hat, Handy's pencil or Smurf's heart tattoo. For example, you can search for these throughout the game. To progress to the next level of this online Smurf game, you will need to locate the magic door.

To get higher you will need to jump over some high hurdles and onto some higher platforms. Remember that you will be able to glide under fewer obstacles and you should change lanes if you notice anything, such as a vehicle, coming towards you. You should try your best not to slow down and should try to pick up all the strawberries that you find on the road. You can earn different skins and enhance different talents with them, allowing you to enjoy a brand new and improved gameplay experience.

How to play

You can slide up and over a log or track using the up arrow key. Crouching and sliding under wooden signs can be performed using the down arrow key.


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