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Stickman Rusher

About Stickman Rusher

Stickman Rusher is speed and action game, defeat all enemies as they are looking to destroy you and bring glory

The Stickman Rusher competitors facing you are in the dark about what will happen to them. They will taste your blade, and then they will realize that there are still heroes in the world who are a danger to their continued existence. Are you ready to compete in a race to the finish line and fight your way through several different locations to face the ultimate boss?

Beware of those who try to stop me! This world is full of filth and wickedness, and here I am, prepared to conquer the gloom. Have we succeeded in earning your trust in what we say? Good! It will prove to be useful. Because war is always lurking just outside your doorstep in this world, and there are countless beasts to slay. They believe that they are not only capable of ruling over others, but also that their lord possesses unparalleled power. They are completely wrong in their claims! Put on your armor, grab your weapons and get ready for battle as you travel the world in an attempt to establish your superiority over everyone else.

Along the way, you will encounter a number of dangers that are pre-arranged just for you to fall into. You should jump to avoid them, and if you see an opponent approaching behind you, you should press SPACEBAR to hit them back where they came from. Diamonds and stars can be seen scattered across the ground below you. You can improve your score by collecting stars, which will give you bonus points and diamonds, which help you buy new weapons for your arsenal. You will need these weapons to have a chance to fight against the final boss.


  • Challenging and addictive gameplay
  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Various places to delete
  • Different weapons to buy


  • Up arrow key: Jump
  • Space bar: Kill your enemies


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