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Stacky Bird

About Stacky Bird

Stacky Bird is an attractive running game published by Kooapps. Control your bird to build towers. Overcome all obstacles to reach the finish line.

Transform into the character Stacky Bird and go to rescue his girlfriend. Your girlfriend has been taken to the castle of King Spiky. However, you don't know where that castle is. Let's start the journey to find the whereabouts of King Spiky and his castle. Rescue your girlfriend as fast as you can.

Your missions of Stacky Bird

In order to rescue your girlfriend, you will go on strange adventures. You will have to stack eggs to create towers. Use egg towers to overcome different terrains. You may come across pits or high platforms. Stack the eggs high enough to cross these terrains. If you crash into the platforms or fall into the pit, the game will be over. Besides, you need to pay attention to the platforms in the sky. It's also not good if you build towers too high because you can crash into these platforms.

Controls and Levels

This game is a simple game with easy controls. You just need to use the mouse to control it. Left click to create a new egg. Each click will create an egg.

In addition, there are different levels. The levels will gradually increase in difficulty. You will have to adapt to more complex terrains. Control this bird to fly to new lands and search for King Spiky's castle.

Bonuses and Rewards

Note that you can make perfect landings. What is the perfect landing? The perfect landing happens when you use up all the eggs when passing an obstacle. Just leave your bird. Once you get 3 perfect landings, you'll enter a challenge. In this challenge, you will control the bird to shoot other birds. Challenges will give you huge bonuses.


You can use the bonus to decorate your birdhouse. Expand the rooms and buy more items and furniture. Let the aviary be as gorgeous as possible. Furthermore, you can unlock new characters. You have a chance to become other adorable animals like turtles, pigs, and chickens.

The game Stacky Bird is produced in June 2022 by Kooapps. By participating in this game you can compete on the leaderboard. Make the most admirable achievements to put your name on the leaderboard. This game is supported on all platforms such as web browsers (desktop and mobile), Android, and iOS.


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