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Squid Challenge Glass Bridge

About Squid Challenge Glass Bridge

Squid Challenge Glass Bridge is a competitive survival game trying to survive one of the most dangerous games of the popular Squid Games series!

The obstacles in the movie Squid Fishing Game are sure to pique your interest if you enjoyed the movie.

Can you jump over the Squid Challenge Glass Bridge to save your life? You may enjoy solving puzzles and believe you have an excellent visual memory. However, the biggest difficulty in your life will be this one. The stakes in this complex game are your life! Can you seize an opportunity right now?

No one can rescue you since you are trapped. You are the only one who can save you in this deadly environment! So get ready to challenge your memory and use your brain's cognitive muscles. You'll see several rows of people wearing two different glasses as you're standing at the starting podium. To reach the finish line in the allotted time, you have to jump over those glasses. You will lose the game if you don't get there in time. Also, and maybe more importantly, you need to locate the tempered glass to go through each row. When you start the game, the tempered glass will also be displayed.

The game offers the most realistic difficulty simulation. The name of this exciting 3D game is Squid Challenge Glass Bridge.

Play this entertaining game and try to survive one of the most challenging games in the popular Squid Fishing Game series!

Pay close attention to the steps you have to take to cross the glass bridge and reach the finish line.

Your goal is to cross the Glass Bridge alive. You need to approach by choosing the right glasses. The tempered glass in one of the two on the stage prevented it from supporting the weight. You will slip, fall and die if you use normal glasses.

There are five different difficulty levels. If you do not reach the opposite side within the allotted time, the game is over. You're lucky!


You can use your mouse to play this game


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