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Springy Walk

About Springy Walk

The adventure game Springy Walk will transport you to the time of Slinky toys. Help the slinky go down the stairs and complete stages in this kind of game.

The Slinky toy was a staple in the childhoods of a great number of people. It is able to do a range of tricks, such as traveling down a flight of stairs headfirst while extending and reforming itself with the help of gravity and its own momentum, or giving the impression that it is floating in midair after being dropped for a length of time. This toy from childhood is referred to as the inspiration for this springy walk.

To alter them slinky step's length, swipe. Take care to avoid treading on any thorns that sprout from the ground by paying close attention to each step. Additionally, strive to amass gems (in each level there will be 3 diamonds). You will enter immortality mode after you have acquired all three stones.


  • Reach the finish line
  • Avoid spikes
  • Collect gems
  • Try to step on the center of the gem to get extra bonus for the perfect step!


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