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Snake Game

About Snake Game

Snake Game is an entertaining game in which you have to control a snake to find food. Be aware of some obstacles, traps, and opponents along the way.

You will control a snake in this game. Collect as many red apples as possible. You also have to face others' attacks, bombs, and green potions. Try to avoid all of them if you want to be the most giant snake in a match. If you want to play more game, you can come to Subway Clash 2, Help The Hero, Color Tunnel, or Geometry Dash Way To The Skyland.

Notes about items in Snake Game

  • You will notice red apples along the way. They'll aid in your snake's growth in size.
  • As soon as the snake consumes the bomb, it will perish. Consequently, you must avoid these explosives. Don't make errors since they are red like apples.
  • Green potions will also start to emerge on the field of play. They won't increase the length of your snake, so don't consume them.

Fight with other players in Snake Game

All players have the same aims. There will be competing as a result. These snakes' vulnerability is their heads. Your snake will be destroyed if its head touches someone else's body. You must also avoid hitting the playground's barriers with your head. Otherwise, the game will restart. Don't allow anyone to attack or stop you. Always take the initiative.


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