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Snail Bob 8: Island Story


About Snail Bob 8: Island Story

Snail Bob 8: Island Story is a fun trial game, help Bob who is stranded on an island! Solve all the puzzles, watch out for any danger and get Bob to the safe exit.

In the episode Snail Bob 8: Island Story, Snail Bob and his grandfather had a relaxing day fishing together. On the other hand, things are rarely peaceful for a long time in Snail Bob's fascinating life! Because of the elves' mischievous antics, Bob and his grandfather are no longer together. In the eighth episode of the Snail Bob series, Bob has left the fishing hole and is currently on a journey to a warm weather island. Can you help solve the challenges and escape the people living in this tropical paradise? Help Bob find his grandfather and get back to him if you can.

Bob went from downplaying the prospect of catching a mermaid, to quite suddenly finding himself on an uncharted island fraught with danger. What an amazing deviation from the norm! You will have to overcome a lot of obstacles to complete Snail Bob 8: Island Story. The breathtaking rainforest hides many mysteries beneath its dense verdant vegetation.

Your mission, like in all other engaging puzzle games in this series, is to safely get Bob through each level by clearing the way for him to follow. It's absolutely guaranteed that Bob can make it to the exit without getting hurt or killed in the process! There are many dangers to avoid, from lava pools to carnivorous plants. To activate moving platforms, which unleash hidden mechanics, you need to click on many buttons and levers throughout the game.

Bob is quite worried about the threats this remote island poses, so he is in a hurry to leave it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, this shows that he is not always paying enough attention, and as a result he is very easily trapped! Be careful to clear the way quickly and inform Bob the exact moment when he should stop, turn or speed up. Can you help Bob evade capture on the island and find his way back to civilization?


  • There are 30 levels to complete.
  • Totally 90 stars to get.
  • Vivid 2D graphics.
  • Attractive gameplay.

How to play

Use YOUR MOUSE to interact with the many things located in each level. Snail Bob's movement can be controlled by pressing 1, pressing 2 will speed him up and using the spacebar will make him stop.


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