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Santa Parkour

About Santa Parkour

Santa Parkour is a fun game, help Santa deliver presents, jump on snowy rooftops and avoid obstacles around.

Santa Claus is undoubtedly the busiest person during the Christmas season. Despite the fact that he may be a great person, he still needs your help on this new trip!

With the help of Santa Claus, you will be able to perform Christmas related tasks on top of tall buildings thanks to this action game. Prepare your feet as you will be running fast and jumping over the gaps between buildings. Sometimes you'll see chimneys on your way, and other times you'll encounter ornately decorated Christmas trees. Your goal is to jump over them and go fast unobstructed.

With every successful step you take towards your goal, you'll notice that Santa moves faster. Track achievements to earn coins as you take on multiple missions, unlock new talents as you progress through the game stages, and collect skill vehicles that you can combine to unlock lock operations more powerfully. Let's see how far you can go and how many challenges you can overcome.

How to play

Jump by left click and hold down button longer.


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