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Rabbids Volcano Panic

About Rabbids Volcano Panic

Rabbids Volcano Panic is a frantic and disorderly survival game. The volcano on Rabbids Island is about to explode. Make every attempt to stay alive for as long as you can by running over the crumbling platforms! Try to remain alive for as long as you can while making your way across the sinking floor before the other scared Rabbids take you down with them.

Rabbids Island's simmering volcano was the perfect match for their fiery personalities until the fire mountain truly started to erupt. Now there is complete chaos. Each player must run through the floating tiles while avoiding gaps. When you fall through one platform, you will then fall through the next ones until you touch the boiling lava below. Try your best to continue playing the game as long as you can!

Stepping on a tile will cause it to crack. The tile will gradually begin to crack more and more, finally crumbling to pieces. Be cautious to avoid falling in. You may collect strange items that accelerate you up, such as hoverboards, springy vines, and hot chili peppers from super spicy farts. Collect coins to unlock character clothes in the shop menu (check the icons in the bar at the bottom of the main menu screen). You may browse the various departments and collect clothes to customize your Rabbid. By completing runs and raising your player level, you may unlock additional game kinds.


  • Adorable graphic design.
  • Fun and easy to play.

How to control: Move to avoid falling down the stage.


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