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Push My Chair

About Push My Chair

Push My Chair is survival game. Use a variety of chairs and weapons to try to push the office workers out of the arena.

You must dispatch a madman sitting on an office chair equipped with a fire extinguisher to move and push other players in this entertaining skill game. If you combine a wheel chair and a fire extinguisher, only terrible things can happen, but that's the point of the games.

This online game offers a wide selection of seats and weapons, making it a memorable experience. You can enjoy it alone in single player mode or with a friend in two player game. So arm yourself, pull up your chair and start fighting!

By pressing the action keys and then releasing them, you can try to manage your character's strong needs that will motivate your opponents. Throwing them out of the structure will be your goal until you are the last survivor of the game. Unlock a gaming sofa, couch, or even a toilet seat to unlock additional boosters.

How to play

You can use mouse and arrow keys to move!


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