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Pull'em All

About Pull'em All

Pull'em All is a fun and simple game that challenges your brain and strength. Pull hard, fast to break yourself. Upgrade through the levels.

This is great game to show your strength. Train your muscles, check where you're putting your weight, and make sure to protect your character's bones while you're helping him grow stronger! Keep up with the increasing complexity of your quests while you improve your stats and increase your coins.

In this life, each of us has a purpose to fulfill. Some individuals are born thinkers, while others are born to save lives, and others are born to educate. You are destined from birth to take things from places where they don't belong. You can take out anything you put in the palm of your hand, whether it's a worm tooth or an underground treasure chest. However, there are always consequences to a successful endeavor. During work, you need to pay attention to protect the back muscles. If you keep your character's health bar too low, you'll lose all of your recent progress.

Simply wait for him to breathe again, and then start pulling him back. Alternatively, you can tap or click the screen repeatedly, although this method may take longer than the standard drag and wait method. You get a gold bonus for every second you pull the lever. Use that money to improve your character's durability, strength and income. Unlock pets and skins to give your character a unique look and add some flair to the game!

How to play

Joining this game is very simple, you just need to use the mouse to play.


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