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Pole Vault 3D

About Pole Vault 3D

Pole Vault 3D is a superb running game. Your task is to run and avoid colliding with obstacles to reach the finish line first. Try and enjoy this sports game!

Come to Pole Vault 3D game to experience the great adventure feeling with the stickman character! Instead of tunnel races in the Color Tunnel game, in this game, you will transform into a stickman. Your characters will become more diverse and participate in more interesting races. You will have the opportunity to experience colorful but also dangerous exile roads with obstacles. Moreover, you have a chance to compete with other stickmen. Come to this game now.

Developer and Release Date of the Pole Vault 3D game

This game is developed by Mad Buffer. Its release date is Sep 22, 2021. This game is suitable for all ages. The publisher wishes to bring players the most entertaining moments. Therefore, this game has been great from the very beginning. After many updates, this arcade game becomes more and more attractive.

Graphics in this running game

Designed with 3D graphics, this game promises to bring more realistic experiences than ever. The characters as well as the background are lively. These maps are designed differently with many colors. All characters and obstacles in this game have eye-catching colors. Besides that, the movement is also great.

The gameplay of Pole Vault 3D

This game is a unique combination of running and pole vaulting. In this game, your character will automatically run and your task is to click to let your character perform beautiful pole jumps or click to perform his jumping ability. Use these two abilities on a case-by-case basis, especially based on the type of obstacle. Use the pole to jump over the high walls. When using the pole, you will be scored on a 30-point scale. The better you jump, the more points you get. There are obstacles that require you to pole vault. You can also decide to move normally instead of using a pole. However, you will not receive points. 30 points are the highest score you can get.

Jump with lower obstacles. There are various obstacle chapters. You can jump over spiked spikes or slide over giant hammers. The obstacles can move, so be careful. In addition, you can use power-ups. You can speed up when going through arrow pads. You can jump if he goes over the jump pad. Take advantage of these power-ups to finish first.

Moreover, collect a key at the end of the race. 3 keys will allow you to get the treasure chest. Besides that, remember to collect gold on the track or unlock the treasure you get when you complete the track. Watching advertisements is also a good way to earn coins. Use the gold you receive to unlock new poles and skins for your character.

Features of Pole Vault 3D

  • The fascinating and addictive running game
  • Level up
  • Colorful and eye-catching graphics
  • Simple mechanics and easy controls

How to control: Click your left mouse button to jump.


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