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Penguin Diner 2

About Penguin Diner 2

Penguin Diner 2 is a fun game, Penny the penguin has returned home and is ready to serve again, helping Uncle Penny open his own restaurant.

In the second installment of the incredible Penguin Diner video game series, players continue the adventures of the determined penguin Penny. She returns home after a hard day of travel only to discover that the quality of the food is maintained. This service has undergone a drastic transformation, which is unfortunate. Penny is a true businesswoman who is aware that she must do something to ensure that her fellow penguins continue to have access to delicious food. Can you assist her in managing her own chain of restaurants and ensure that her customers are satisfied?

Part of one of the most popular game series, Penguin Diner 2 brings the adorable penguin Penny back to your screen as she sets up her own restaurant chain in her hometown. The game is the second installment in the Penguin Diner series. As was the case with the game's predecessor, your mission as a player is to satisfy patrons' requests by preparing and delivering delicious meals and drinks while also achieving Daily revenue target for each level. You are given a map of Penny's hometown at the start of the game.

You will be able to access all four districts if you have played through the game and completed all the stages in it. As soon as your establishment opens, you will begin to notice customers pouring in. Simply invite a customer to sit down, you must first select them with the mouse and then click on an empty table. Once seated, your customers will review the menu, and when they're ready to order, they'll raise their hands. You'll be able to see what they order if you click on their table to summon Penny to serve them. Orders will be available at the counter for a short period of time. By first clicking on a customer's food and drink, then clicking on their table, you can collect and bring them orders. Penny has the ability to juggle two things at once. Just clicking on the tables can get you some cash rewards. You will have the opportunity to unlock many improvements that will improve your service. Can you help Penny achieve her goal of becoming the most successful restaurant owner in the penguin city?

How to play

To be able to play this game, you need to use the left button on the mouse to control Penny the penguin.


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