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Panda Caretaker Escape

About Panda Caretaker Escape

Explore many puzzles in the online game Panda Caretaker Escape. Use your thinking to complete the challenges in this game.

Game mechanics

The kitchen has a captive girl inside. Get the golden key to open the locked door. But it was somewhere in the house, hidden. Open doors, find hints and find rooms. Once there were only 3 rooms. You have to click on several items to complete the puzzle. Collect materials for upcoming quests, such as flowers, seashells, and bees. To move, you will need a trackpad or mouse.

Enjoy panda caretaker escape game while keeping an eye out. You will miss something if you don't. Teddy bears, colors and numbers...

Try to understand their meanings and application scenarios. For example, two stars are required to get the remote. Use it to turn on the TV. On the screen will be a simple logic and math exercise. Figure everything out, then move on to the next quest. Unlock each one in turn until you determine which one will unlock the door.

Tips to push you forward

Limit wrong clicks too much. Consider your actions carefully and use your brain. Instructions are always visible by tapping the Hints button. You can use this if you run into trouble.


Use the mouse to play


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