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One Punch Battle

About One Punch Battle

One Punch Battle where you can test your strength in a brand new, unique 2 player boxing game you can access in 3D.

Start by choosing whether you want to fight a computer opponent in 1 Player mode or a human opponent using the same machine in the 2 Player option. As you go on, you can get Boyfriend, Pokemon, Minecraft, FNAF, and even Naruto skins. You both start with the standard boxer skin. Each of them gradually gains more speed, health, and damage. To defeat your opponent, you must drain their health bar before they can attack you first, which is what they will try to do.

Of course, in 1 Player mode you fight a computer opponent, but in 2 Player option you fight a real opponent. Your boxer avatar can only throw a punch in any given situation, and you do so using the Q and O keys while one boxer wears a red top hat and the other wear a blue hat.

There are a total of six avatars available to you when you earn your first base skin. Many of them are based on TV shows and other mediums, like Naruto, Roblox, Pokemon, Minecraft, or FNAF. When their power meter is in the green zone, press the two keys we mentioned before to deliver the most powerful blow; after that, orange and red will do the weakest attack.

How to play

You can use the Q and P keys to join the game.


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