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Ninja Hands

About Ninja Hands

Ninja Hands is a video game where you play as a Ninja, providing strength using a variety of hand positions. Learn new moves, power up and personalize your Ninja.

Use your formidable ninja talents and eliminate all enemies with bare hands. To do this, you need to choose the right arm posture to give the most advantage while fighting against the enemy and help you survive. Your hand will be able to cast one power or another, allowing you to harm your opponent, depending on the talent you choose. You can protect yourself and your territory with this method, as well as prevent other Ninjas from attacking you when they try to do so.

Upgrade your strength. You can improve the strength of the Ninja hand in the skill menu by leveling up skills and gaining experience. Your enhanced talent comes with new animations and significantly increased firepower. You can initiate various attacks by pressing different combinations of buttons. You have access to a variety of weapons, including fireballs, darts, samurai swords, and more.

You can choose between two different ways to earn bonuses at the start of each game. In this game, the assistive device can take the form of anything from a turkey carrying TNT to a protective bear that helps fend off enemies. Through the use of the Ninja Hand, you gain access to a wide variety of talents that can be traded to protect yourself from your opponent's attacks. You will need to show that you are decisive and think quickly to choose the right hand gesture for each situation. Additionally, defeating your enemies earns you rewards, which you can then use to purchase unlocking additional 'skins' for your warrior gauntlets, which will allow you personalize it even more.


  • Use Ninja hand combinations to defeat your enemies in battle.
  • Buy personalized skins for your Ninja.
  • Upgrade your Ninja combo.
  • Pick a prize every time you win a round.

How to play

Use mouse to play this game. Hold the left mouse button with the direction of movement. Left click using buttons in this game!


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