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Neon Swing


About Neon Swing

Join the swing game in Neon Swing, you try to go as far as possible using the help of springs to bounce with infinite levels.

Your Stickman character swings using a rope to make your way through an endless stage in this arcade and skill game. Hold different objects so you can sway, then use a spinning motion to move forward. A dangerous red laser will chase your character and if it touches you, it will cause you to stop the run.

Level obstacles and other bouncing platforms will be randomly distributed, stay away from threats and take advantage of platforms in your favor to speed up or cover the ground quickly. Neon Swing is a 'Die and Try Again' game. To improve your performance and pass your best score, go as far as you can before starting over.

To rotate the stick between the dots, press and hold the mouse button at the same time. To increase your score and unlock bonuses, use stickman to attack orange blocks and destroy them. Doing so will give you an extra boost when you hit them.

Red obstacles that may arise should be avoided as they are fatal and if you attack them you will lose. Moreover, you will lose if you let yourself float from nowhere and rush to the bottom of the screen.

How to play

To play, click to rotate and turn.


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