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Mine Clone 4


About Mine Clone 4

Mine Clone 4 is an extremely fun game that uses your strategy to play jigsaw puzzles, unleash your creativity in this vast world.

In Mine Clone 4, the entire planet acts as your own digital sandbox in which you are free to build anything you can imagine. In this game's wide open environment, you can show your imagination by building houses, towns and even kingdoms for yourself to rule.

Crafting a variety of items and going out into the world are the two main focuses of this game. When you first start the game, the first screen that appears is the main menu of the game. From this menu you can select several parameters to tailor the game to your taste. To randomly generate a planet, use the button provided. To get started, choose a stage for the game. If you choose the basic option with no enemies, you will have a calm experience, while choosing the basic option with enemies will yield monsters.

Then choose the number of years and the size of the globe. Choosing a biome for testing is the final step. You have many choices available to you at this time. For starters, you can kick things off by selecting 'play' from the menu that appears at the bottom of the screen when you're ready. Explore the world map by piecing together multiple objects. You can build a small house or you can dream big and get the ball rolling in a big job like building a castle. To play with different blocks and have fun, open your inventory.


  • Vivid three dimensional graphics.
  • A game that is both fun and light.
  • You have the ability to modify the environment in which you play.
  • Intuitive controls

How to play

To navigate different areas of the map, use the WASD keys. To place or remove blocks, use your left or right mouse button. To access your inventory, use the E key on your keyboard. When you are underwater, pressing the SPACE BAR key will allow you to jump and swim. To hide the UI, use the U key on your keyboard.


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