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Join Scroll Run

About Join Scroll Run

Are you mentally prepared to embark on an exciting and amazing adventure? You as the captain will welcome new teammates by touching them and take the lead ready to overcome each obstacle, show your leadership!

How to control Join Scroll Run?

Use your mouse to enter the game, click or tap to control your character.

Complete your goal in the game

As the team leader, you're ready to use simple body movements to recruit new members to your team. After your crew is fully grown, you can only climb over the barriers one by one. Creating a team in the virtual world may be easier than in the real world, but the connection is much more fragile. To complete each level and advance, you must work as a team to widen the obstacles that stand in your way.

You only need one mouse for this, so click once and drag it around to move your character. When you move, you notice other people. Just change your path to follow their direction to collect them and expand your squad. These people will be very helpful when you face obstacles! Don't forget to collect coins along the way and watch out for the sea below. If you are careless, you can lose your team members. Are you ready to form a team, complete each level and win?


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