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Impostor Royal Killer

About Impostor Royal Killer

Impostor Royal Killer is a survival game where, to be the sole survivor, you must eliminate all the enemies that stand in your way.

The goal of the arcade game called Impostor Royal Killer, in which you play as the only player left, is to eliminate all other players from the party. In the long run, the camera will help broaden your horizons. You can temporarily increase your speed by equipping boots and rocket packs. Make an effort to get weapons and eliminate other enemies on the platform.

Murderers often hide in the dark, but in this game, you will have the opportunity to cooperate with us to carry out exciting murder missions in space. You will cooperate with other players to collect things that fall from the sky. These materials come in many forms, such as firearms, bullets, protective gear, and even soccer balls. You will be asked to pick up objects as quickly as possible while eliminating other players. Use these ingredients wisely, and you will not only ensure your own survival, but also become the ultimate winner.

You and three other players will be placed in a room together, making the total number of players four. Using the mouse, you will navigate the space around your character by dragging to move and letting go of the button to stop. You will become an impostor if you take one of the weapons from the containers that fall from the sky. Since you're an impostor now, use the weapon you got from the container to take out the others that are moving. reposition yourself.

In addition, protective shields can be found in some boxes, therefore, you should use them for self defense. You can win the fight by using your weapon to take down other players, and if you're the only one left when the match ends, you'll be transported to a new area where you will face more enemies.

How to play

Use your mouse and arrow keys to move your character.


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