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About Impostor

Impostor is a fascinating game where you travel through space with the entire crew while they struggle to live after an impostor shows up.

The crew of a spaceship is trying to survive as it travels into the vastness of space. There is a fake one among them, so they have to be cautious. They should be wary of empty rooms and ready to attack when left alone with others, especially if it's an imposter. The impostor will use any means necessary to kill everyone, including sabotaging the ship. He is cunning and cunning. He can hide in the dark and wait for his prey, or he can rush out of the ventilation shaft and attack from behind. He won't be noticed in the team unless he makes a mistake.

Considering that this spaceship is dangerous and bleak. The disappearance of the crew members was the starting point for everything. Then we found their dead bodies. All along, we lied. There is an impostor among us who is perfectly like us. Do you want to know who your competitors are? If you look for him, you will never find him! simply because you are a scammer!

To sneak into your opponent and attack from behind, press the vent button. We know you will do whatever it takes, even destroying spaceships, to fulfill your goal of killing everyone to satisfy your need to die. The bottom right corner of the screen has the buttons needed to perform these tasks.

How to play

Use WASD or arrow keys to move around. The buttons in the bottom right corner of the screen must be pressed to start an activity.


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