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Imposter Battle Royale

About Imposter Battle Royale

Team up to choose your opponents and start fighting with guns in Imposter Battle Royale. You have to defeat your enemies in the dangerous battlefield.

With attractive missions, this online shooting game is loved by many gamers. Start engaging and interacting with your opponents in the game's visually stunning multiplayer mode. Are you sure that you will prevail in the field of gunfights?

Objectives and Missions

To win this game you have to be the last one standing and surviving, so instead of destroying the spaceship and killing the crew, shoot your opponent in the face. There are phonemes on the map of the spaceship as it descends.

The only option at first is Survive, the main premise of which is to eliminate every other clone on the spaceship until you are the only one left. Do your best in the initial mode before moving on to Chaos, Capture the Flag, Alien Crisis and Invasion. These modes can be unlocked or will be unlocked shortly to unlock.

Bonuses and Weapons

Buy more powerful weapons and upgrades from the main menu store with the money you earn from winning games or at least play well to win faster!


  • Use WASD keys to move
  • Mouse to aim and shoot
  • Key E to interact.


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