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Handyman 3D

About Handyman 3D

Handyman 3D is a game with a number of different interesting construction missions, try to complete the assigned tasks.

This man, whose name is Handyman, is gifted and is best at construction related jobs. He has experience using construction equipment and machinery, but it sounds like he might need your help. Sometimes you need to clean, sometimes you need to operate construction equipment, sometimes you need to create or destroy houses. With the Handyman game, you can learn almost everything about construction related topics.

The game has a lot of interesting construction related tasks including laying bricks, scrubbing paint buckets, operating construction machinery. These tasks will be sent in turn. Try to complete the goals in each chapter. Start your amazing construction journey now!

How to play

The controls of the Handyman 3D game are relatively simple, depending on the level, the player mainly just needs to touch, swipe or press the virtual buttons. For example, when operating an excavator, you just need to slide your finger on the screen to steer the machine to the location where the material is stored and loaded onto the transport truck. You will have three virtual control rods to bend the water pipe into the ditch during installation. You can use mouse to play.


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