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Grindcraft Remastered

About Grindcraft Remastered

Grindcraft Remastered is a game where you have to mine different materials. Collect ripe crops from the field and fight enemies for more goods.

Prepare to build in Grindcraft Remastered!

Now is the time to get creative for you! You are surrounded by nothing, so don't worry! You just need to find the materials you have to use.

You and your imagination are the only things needed for this game! You will create all the tools and objects in this game, inspired by Minecraft. On the right side of the screen you can see tools and items. You must first gather some basic materials before you can create these useful things. Hover over the icons to see the materials and tools you have for crafting. To collect items on the left side of the screen, click on them afterwards.

At first, only the underworld area is open to collect everything, but as you play the game you will find that additional locations are limited. In the afterlife, you can collect wood, turn it into boards, make sticks from these boards, and finally craft your first tools.

Track scores and unlocks

In addition, you can mine stones to make weapons and fight enemies to get new things. As you find and create new items, you will unlock new features. By selecting the trophy icon in the lower left, you can view your achievements.

Instructions for playing Grindcraft Remastered

Use mouse to join the game, you can also play on your mobile device.


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