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Geometry Tower

About Geometry Tower

Geometry Tower is a super fun stacking game where the goal is to build the tallest tower possible by combining different forms.

In the video game Geometry Tower, you are about to enter an incredible cubic universe, so get ready! Playing around with different forms is something everyone loves to do. There are several examples of squares, circles, and triangles. In this game you have to compete with other players to see who can build the biggest tower out of all of these.

Select a mode from the main menu to start the game. This game offers two distinct modes, each with its own purpose to complete. Default or regular mode is the first option. This mode has a total of 20 different levels for you to pass and complete. As you pass the levels, your goal is to build a tower of a certain height by stacking blocks on top of each other. You have the ability to earn up to three stars in each level, so you should collect them all.

It's called infinite mode, and it's second mode. In this game mode your only goal is to get a high score by building a tower as high as you can. You will be given a random shape to use at the start of the game. Move the shape left and right using the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard. Simply clicking anywhere on the screen will cause the object to fall to the base below. You can see the next form you will use in the upper left corner of the screen. You automatically lose the game if a shape is knocked off the tower.

How to play

Use YOUR MOUSE and your skills to play this game!


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