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Geometry Dash Poltergeist

About Geometry Dash Poltergeist

Are you ready for a hard version of the Geometry Dash series of games? That is Geometry Dash Poltergeist. You need to react quickly to avoid hitting the trap.

The gameplay of Geometry Dash Poltergeist

You start the game on a straightforward block area with a few jumps and tricks. Then a few saw blades and a poor ball portion are introduced. Then you will bring some jumping balls back to the blockchain. You'll enter one of the most famed waves in the game when the music stops. This section is three times as fast, filled with difficult situations, small places, and made-up obstacles.

The ship sequence and half-speed cube with the backdrop word "Rest" are the next two in-game sequences. Five pairs of double spikes that constantly develop spontaneously and then gradually disappear may be found in this section. You will next encounter a different wave segment, which is simpler than the initial wave since you may direct the wave to go across a wider area. You know you've finished the game when you see the words "ANDRO." This game isn't suitable for you. It's better to play Geometry Dash Firework, Geometry Dash Sakupen Hell, Color Tunnel, Zen Triple 3D, or Color Tunnel. They are here for everyone.

How to control

Click the left mouse button or the space bar to jump or fly up.


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