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Galaxy Slope

About Galaxy Slope

Galaxy Slope is a really entertaining and difficult cosmic slide game. A ball that changes color in space and slides down colorful ramps will be under your control. You will need to stay clear of hazards including lasers, black holes, and blocks. Additionally, you can gather stars to boost your rating and open up new orbs.
Gameplay for Galaxy Slope
You must use the mouse to move the sphere left and right in the Galaxy Slope game. In order to avoid colliding or falling, you must keep the ball balanced. To leap over the obstacles, you can also hit the spacebar. The game Galaxy Slope is for players who enjoy speed, exploration, and excitement. The game includes captivating gameplay, lovely 3D graphics, and imaginative sounds.
Guide for Galaxy Slope Control
Use the mouse to move the sphere left and right and the space bar to hop over obstacles to adjust the galaxy's slope.


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