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Galactic Flight

About Galactic Flight

Defending the Earth as Captain Marvel in Galactic Flight will certainly be fun for you. Are you prepared to eliminate every enemy in this game?

Enjoy the battles in Galactic Flight

You must carry your keyboard along for this intergalactic journey as a weapon against evil powers. In particular, the arrow keys will be helpful. You will be able to command our superheroes by pressing them. If she wants to do the most harm while avoiding being hit too severely, she must be nimble.

Defeat all enemies

The Captain will be careful to shoot continually throughout the attack phase. She will increase the likelihood that anything will be hit in this manner. Some of the bad guys may fight back, so be prepared! Purple lasers may be seen here and there. These fire sporadically rather than continually. The unfortunate issue is that they can find you since they are savvy. You need to get out of the projectile's path since that indicates that it is pursuing you. In case you are bored with this game, you can try Stack, Color Tunnel, Swipe Runner, and Geometry Dash Hydra.

How to control

Use the arrow keys to move and attack.


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