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Four In A Row

About Four In A Row

In the very addictive puzzle game Four In A Row, players race to be the first to line up discs of the same color before their opponent.

Constructing a winning line of discs of the same color before your opponent is the key to victory. To do this, you and your opponent must alternate dropping a disc into the columns. Prepare your winning movements in advance and attempt to forecast your opponent's likely future moves so you can reply quickly and properly to his or her actions. Keep an eye out for clusters of three of your opponent's discs and quickly place one of your own there to block the fourth spot. In each round, you only have 30 seconds, so plan accordingly. You'll need lightning fast reflexes to quickly let go of the disc before time runs out. To win, you must race to complete a certain line of discs before any other player. Bear in mind that the orientation of this line might be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. Keep an eye on the chat box on the left side of the screen to exchange messages with your opponent as the game progresses.

Do you think you can pull this off? Choose your favorite hue and we'll get the game started right away. Eight distinct hues are at your disposal: green, blue, purple, pink, red, orange, and yellow. In addition to the basic size field, stretch and gigantic field sizes are also accessible.


  • Three game modes are Play Against Computer, Two Players, and Online Players
  • A selection of colors, field sizes, and winning circumstances
  • Easy controls

How to play

  • Move by dragging the mouse.
  • To drop your discs, click the mouse left button.


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