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Football Masters

About Football Masters

Football Masters is an exciting football game, the team is yours to choose and let's face the opponent with the best goals.

Are you much interested in football? You can satisfy this enthusiasm at Football Masters game, just like the real players and you have a chance to become the greatest player by showing all your talents.

The time has come to prove to your opponents in Football Masters that your squad is superior to the rest of your opponents. Put your feet in your shoes, put on your football jersey and get ready to take your place on the field. Your supporters are shouting your name, so you should do all you can to score as many goals as you can.

This game offers a variety of gameplay options, ensuring that both the fun and the competition will continue indefinitely. Your goal will always be the same, no matter what type of game you're playing. To rise to the top, you need to beat your opponent by a bigger margin than them in terms of goals scored before time runs out. To start playing, select a game mode from the list located on the right side of the main menu. You can choose to play the game alone or compete with friends in two-player mode. There is a tournament mode and a friendly mode available in both game formats. The score will always be displayed at the top of the screen for your convenience. You have a total of 90 seconds to play each match, so try to score as many goals as possible.


  • Available modes
  • Vivid, interesting images
  • Option to play with another person or alone
  • There are 19 different national teams available to choose from


When playing in single player use the arrow keys to navigate as player 1. When you want to shoot the ball use the X key and when you want to make a super shot, press the Z key. Using the WASD keys to move, the V key to shoot fast, and the B key to shoot balls are 1-player controls in the two-player mode. For Player 2, the arrow keys are for movement, the K key is for super shooting, and the L key is for shooting balls.


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