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Football Brawl

About Football Brawl

Football Brawl is an exciting football game, use your skills to make your goal, knocking down your opponents with various powerful kicks.

You can relive the highlights of your football career in the video game Football Brawl. Step into the field and take down your opponents with furious kicks and entertaining and unpredictable power ups. You can use the arrow keys to move sideways and jump. Needless to say, to win the game you should try to score as many goals as possible within the allotted time. You can win many offers playing this game and it also has 10 different categories where you should try to get the highest possible position. In addition, there are hundreds of different cosmetic pieces, entertaining and thrilling upgrades, and smooth and simple controls.

Set a goal to win the match by scoring more goals than the computer before the match time runs out; This is how you win. Also, try to win all your matches, progress to the national cup final and WIN! We wish you every success with everything, and we hope to see you again for more fun in the future. Perhaps you will even recommend the game to some of your friends.

Use the ball buttons to perform a variety of kicks. If you can score more goals in the allotted time, you win the match. You can get all the prizes if you climb the components.

How to play

First use the A and D keys to move, jump with the space, and kick the ball with the H or J keys. To activate special skills, when possible, use the K and L keys.


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