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Drift F1

About Drift F1

Come compete in the incredible Drift F1 race right now! This is the perfect game for you if you like playing wacky racing games like Mario Kart or Need for Speed. This is the most recent and exciting addition to our gaming website. It is quite similar to Drift Boss, but there are more levels and more new things for you to uncover that are waiting for you to find them. The courses used in Formula One serve as the basis for the video game Drift F1, which is a drifting game. Simply push the button to take control of your vehicle, navigate the challenging turns, and reach the top of the scoreboard.

Your objective is to guide your vehicle around challenging turns, over challenging obstacles, and to the finish line of each level. Make an effort to gather the cash, get the upgrades for your automobile, and win the game in order to gain access to further difficult maps. Each vehicle and map has its own set of distinctive characteristics.

To steer the vehicle, you need to click to turn the wheel to the left or right and let go of the button to go in a straight line.

One strategy for winning the game is to time the moment at which you turn. When you play Drift F1, you'll encounter some challenging situations, but you can become better at the game by playing it more and more to get more practice. When turning, you need to exercise careful judgment due to the distinctive narrowness of each platform.


  • Addictive racing game.
  • Multi-level racing game.
  • Beautiful graphics.
  • Fun sounds suitable for a thrilling race.

How to play

  • Press left mouse / Space bar / Touch screen to turn left or right.
  • Release to go straight.


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