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Draw Climber Online

About Draw Climber Online

Draw Climber Online is a fun single player drawing game. You will have to outline your character's legs to complete the race and overcome the challenges.

Are you serious to join this game, have you tried or learned about this game. With this game, the gameplay mechanics are different from other running games. This game is more than simply running and conquering obstacles, instead, you have to determine how you run on your feet while you're doing both. You are the one who chooses whether your legs are long or short, curved or straight. Get the legs you've always dreamed of having!

The main character of this game is a square without any legs, and you can make it leg so it can run or not. Remember that you need to create legs that are suitable for the terrain of each individual road segment so that the character can move around the obstacle as easily as possible.

Also, it's important to remember to collect gold as you go through the game to unlock different skins for your character.


  • Fun running game for single player
  • Earning gold coins will allow you to unlock new skins.
  • Multiple stages, each with their own unique map.


  • You need mouse commands to participate in this game.
  • Use your skills to draw lines to move, have fun playing the game


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