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Double Guns

About Double Guns

Double Guns is a shooting game where the goal is to shoot all the things that appear in your eyes, keep them in the screen to shoot accurately and get a high score.

Water gun games are always fun. The best fun for hot summer days. No matter the season, Double Guns will make you feel like it's summer! Grab the water gun and prepare to smash anything thrown into the air. With this fascinating game, you can experience a different type of shooting while challenging yourself to surpass your previous best.

Compared to other shooting games, Double Guns offers unique gameplay. This fun game is free of explosions, nasty opponents and alien invasion. The objective of the game is to smash various items that are launched into the air by shooting at them as a player. There are so many fascinating and unique things to photograph! From a potted flower to a large watermelon to everyone's favorites, juicy burgers and delectable fries! Your water pistol will be displayed in the lower part of the game screen when it loads for the first time. Playing with these water guns is as simple as playing with the real thing.

To shoot left and right water guns, press the left and right arrow keys respectively. Try to smash an object shot into the air as quickly as possible to prevent it from falling. You lose the game if you cannot break an object while it is in the air because it will fall to the ground. If that happens, take a look at your score and try to get a higher score on your next attempts. Try to keep things balanced in the air by evenly using all your weapons to prevent them from falling. They won't be able to fly away this way, and you can smash them!

How to play

To shoot, use the left and right arrow keys.


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