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Dogfight 2

About Dogfight 2

Engage in air combat in the game Dogfight 2. Take control of a heavily armed plane to battle enemy troops attacking you. Use bombs to defeat opponents.

Playing as a German pilot on a Fokker Dr1 during World War I, you will have to complete a variety of missions to fight the Allies. Shoot enemies with your weapons and bombs while avoiding dangerous missiles. Shoot enemies on the ground and in the air.

Some well-executed tricks and maneuvers, such as dodge rounds, swooping, low altitudes and cloud cover, will knock your opponents down in a short amount of time.

The second part of this action-packed shooting game is now available. You enter the battle as a hunter of the German Air Force, and your mission is to shoot down every enemy plane.

Fly to the ground and avoid the flames attacking from the enemy's side. When you get off the plane, the mission is over, so start the engines and join the air battles! Are you ready to enter the battle unharmed and eliminate all opponents?


  • Arrows = Fly
  • Space = Shoot
  • Ctrl = Drop Bombs


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