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Danger Dash

About Danger Dash

Danger Dash is a running game for gamers who are not afraid to test their reflexes to the maximum in an adventurous race to the finish line.

In the video game Danger Dash, the goal is to get as far as possible in the shortest time. When you are in the middle of the jungle trying to finish your job as a brave hunter, you are surrounded by wild creatures and suddenly you are chased by ferocious tigers. At this point, the only way to escape the tigers is to start running as if there is no tomorrow.

Come and feel the adrenaline rush while being very close to the giant, hungry tigers that are hunting you. To prevent the tigers from catching you at this point, all you need to do is keep running as fast as you can. On the other hand, this won't be as easy as one might think. In this dense tropical jungle, the roads are strewn with hurdles and other obstacles that are likely to throw you off balance and send you toppling. Once you hit the ground, there is no turning back. Therefore, you must never stop moving and must constantly look for new tasks to take on. You can easily get around them by gliding past them, swerving past them or cleverly changing lanes whenever necessary.

When you are out and about on the road, it should be your first priority to collect the coins you need to have a better chance of survival. Just go ahead and click on the button labeled 'Shop' to see how much you will need to spend on different products to be a good runner. This will bring you a price list. In addition, you should keep an eye on both the results you achieve in your target area and your overall improvement.

How to play

Use YOUR MOUSE to play this game!


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