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Cube Shift

About Cube Shift

Play Cube Shift to change the shape of the object to go through many barriers and collect as many gems as possible on the road. Unlock new skins for your cube!

If you are finding a game to play in your free time, Cube Shift should be on your favorite list. The game offers easy gameplay where you only slide to change the shape of the object. You will not have to control the direction of your character. This game has easier gameplay than the gameplay of the Color Tunnel game which has been named one of the easiest games to control. If you are looking for games suitable for all ages, you can start this one. You can easily grasp the game rules the first time you play.

Your missions in the Cube Shift game

Your task is to control the cube. However, instead of adjusting the direction, you have to resize the cube to fit the obstacles. Cube will automatically move forward. This cube has the ability to resize flexibly. You can form different shapes like tall, low, thick, and thin. However, your character will stay in the form of a cube forever. It can only be resized. In order to resize, use YOUR MOUSE to drag out or drag in, drag up or drag down. Pulling out makes the cube wider and pulling in makes it narrower. Drag up to make a tall cube and drag down to lower it.

However, you don't have to change the size of the cube however you like. You must base on the obstacle ahead. Whatever shape and size the obstacle is, you need to change it to fit it. You can see high or low obstacles. You may also see wide or narrow obstacles. Look at the obstacles and move forward. Note that you have help from the game. When you resize the cube, there will be a sample cube below the obstacle. It will help you measure whether the cube fits the obstacle or not. If it already fits the obstacle, keep moving forward. You'll be stuck if the cube isn't the right size for the obstacle. Keep changing until you can get over it.

Moreover, you also have to go across bridges. Form the right shape to cross the bridge without falling. Try to reach the finish line to complete a level. Remember to collect diamonds along the way to unlock new skins for the cube.

Moreover, when you overcome many obstacles in a row, you will get a superpower. This power allows you to destroy all obstacles. When you have a superpower, the obstacles are green.

The game offers many levels for you to play. The object's speed will be faster and faster, and the barriers will appear more and more in the following levels. Are you ready to take part in a speed race? Let's click on the game to have fun!

More Information about this running game

Developer: BPTop

Release Date: Mon Oct 28, 2019

Features of Cube Shift

  • Level up
  • Suitable for all age groups
  • Simple control and easy gameplay
  • Fun and exciting game

How to control: Swipe the mouse to play.

You can get additional diamonds after completing each level. You can also watch ads to get diamonds. In addition, you need 1000 diamonds to randomly unlock a new skin for the cube.


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