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Color Puzzle

About Color Puzzle

Color Puzzle is an addictive game, immersed in the world of colors your task is to move the stickman and paint the board according to its color.

We know that everyone loves colors and we also love playing games with colors. Now that the pressures of everyday life are gone, you can focus fully on the stick people and their colors. You can see the stick people moving from side to side as they move to color the board.

These stick figures have the brightest colors you'll ever see and they paint anything they come in contact with. When the squares are given to you, your stickman must advance across the table. As you move your stickman, they will add their own color to whatever path they follow. With each successive level, you'll be able to move your stickman through a variety of table layouts.

You just need to carefully examine the sample palette provided to you at the top of the screen, then copy its palette. You'll just have to rely on those adorable, vibrant stick figures. Even if it seems simple, you still need to use the strategy to complete as few stages as possible to get the same diagram as shown in the sample board. Grab your mouse, get ready to move your colorful stick people to add color to the scene and let your thoughts wander as you allow yourself to sink into the arms of these stick people.

How to play

Use the mouse to play. Click and drag the stickman. To complete the level, follow the references.


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