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Challenge The Runners

About Challenge The Runners

Challenge The Runners is challenging game, try to pass each turn to advance and win different exciting races.

Challenge The Runners game will put you in exciting and colorful races across many different racing areas. The object of the game is to finish each race in a better position than you did in the previous race without being disqualified. Of course, this is not as simple as it seems at first glance as there are many challenges, pitfalls and enemies to overcome. You can compete online with other players in 1 player mode, or you and a friend can play together in a 2 player option. Coins earned from in game achievements can be used to 'unlock' new character skins and playable roles in the game.

Get the old fashioned racing games out of your mind! This won't be your typical race! This time, you'll be competing against 28 other riders on a floating platform! Your goal in this game is to win every race you enter by taking first place. If you believe your level of ability is superior to every other player in the game, then you should give it a try. Before starting the race, make sure you've chosen your character's appearance by giving them a skin.

You'll need to wait for the other players before you can start sprinting again and ahead. The race will begin as soon as everyone is ready at the starting line. The contest will start with 30 participants, and as you get closer to the end, some of those participants will be removed. Those who successfully cross the finish line are the only ones allowed to continue this journey and compete in the next events.

How to play

When playing alone, use the arrow keys or the W, A, S and D keys to navigate around, then use the spacebar to jump. In case of two players, Player 1 can move with the W, A, S and D keys and they can jump with the G key. The arrow keys are used to move and the L key is used. to jump for Player 2.


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