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Bomber Friends

About Bomber Friends

Bomber Friends is a popular multiplayer game, be the only survivor by dropping bombs on your opponents.

This game is inspired by the original Bomberman video game, you can control your own character and pass several levels using both talent and logic. Each level requires you to navigate the maze while using explosives to destroy any obstacles that stand in your way. You need to overcome the enemies that stand in your way, get the key to open the last door and go to the exit.

You can get power-up items in each level, such as more bombs, increased bomb damage, and more lives. Remember that after placing the bomb, your enemies cannot get past this point when you use your explosives properly. You can choose from a variety of prizes and improve your character's appearance and stats at the end of each level.

Make the most of the loads of powerups you get from blowing up the bricks as some of them reveal them. Try to trap them, this implies that you should observe their movement patterns to find the ideal trap. You win by locating the computer's avatar and blowing them up until they run out of health.

How to play

To navigate your character around, use the arrow keys. To place explosives and use them to detonate bricks and clear a path through the maze, press A. Avoid getting entangled in your own or enemy's explosives because if you lose all your health, the game will end.


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